SAFI « You are in good hands »

Founded in 1963, SAFI has unrivalled experience in handling corrosive and abrasive chemicals with thermoplastic materials in many applications.

Built to last...

SAFI offers valves that are reliable and trouble free over a long time.
Our selection of polymer materials and valve design enable our valves to last many years without maintenance.

Real solution for corrosive fluids!

Why SAFI thermoplastic valves? “Fit and forget”

At SAFI we understand the importance of product reliability and believe that thermoplastic valves are a great solution to corrosion:
  • Inert to corrosion of the most aggressive chemicals
  • Less expensive that alloy metals and lined valves
  • Light weight
  • Robust

Quality equipment from Europe Product conformity to the most stringent standards.


Replacement of Metal Valves by Thermoplastic Valves

  • Metal valves are replaced by plastic valves when pressure and temperature are right;
  • Corrosion of metal through uniform and attack and other forms of corrosion/abrasion;
  • Some metals, like hastelloy, do not corrode easily but cost 10 times more than thermoplastics!

The advantages of THERMOPLASTIC valves - Resist the worst corrosion!

Material Advantages



User Advantages

PTFE Lined metal valves are 100 times less resistant to abrasion than PVDF.
Reduces operational costs!

Hastelloy valves are 10 times more expensive than PPH valves.
Improves your budget!

Metal valves are at least 5 times heavier than thermoplastic valves for the same DN.
Reduces support and logistic costs.
Critical in some applications!

RESULT: Highly Reliable & Secure Product

  • High chemical and abrasive resistance

  • Long lasting, 40+ years

  • UV resistant

  • Extremely mechanicaly resistant