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Prompt Maintenance Recommendations, based on machine’s condition in 9 simple steps to mitigate the risk of unwanted machine stops. provides CBM (Condition-based maintenance) information and action recommendations to the maintenance team. This simplifies the decision process and mitigates the risk of unwanted production stops.
  • The users of the platform receive:
  • Action oriented recommendations, based on
  • Machine vibration condition, defined from
  • Discovered fault patterns.
The design combines modern IoT (Internet of Things) and ML (Machine Learning) technologies with traditional on-site data collection and data analysis by certified condition monitoring specialists.

Test before Invest!

SA2M Relianeering offers a unique possibility to test drive the platform and evaluate how it works and what you will get before making a decision of investment.

Select 3 machines and collect data for 3 weeks.

We will provide you free of charge RQ studs and SES logger. All you need to do is to scan and press one button.


Machine’s vibration data translated into maintenance actions

Available anytime, anywhere

The platform focuses on the needs of the maintenance team to run data-driven maintenance. The users have 24/7 access from any location with an Internet connection.

The users automatically receive emails after completing the analyses. The maintenance team can find the necessary information about the machines easily and make smart decisions based on:

  • Machine CM recommendations and findings
  • Machine CM history
  • CM status comparison between Company Sites
  • Site(s) current and past status at any specific date and CM Site status trends

The user can provide quick and simple feedback about given recommendations and findings. The platform allows the export of data and information in CSV format for further analyses in CMMS or other digital systems. The user can always download the Functional Location CM status report in PDF.

How does platform deliver the CBM information?

The platform is build to follow the ISO and Marine Class societies guidelines about CBM.
  • The user defines the list of machines.
  • The CM specialist propose:
    • models (above 300)
    • Data collection schedule
  • The user provides data about the machine and its components (speed, power, bearings etc.)
  • Relianeering’s team of experts build the CM hierarchy and delivers machine CM Points package (RQ-CS-x** with CM Point location label).
  • The user or the Relianeering team or partner installs the CM Points on the machine
  • Every monday the user receive an email with list of the machines ifor data collection in the week.
  • The user collects data with SES Logger.
  • The user transfers the collected data to the cloud.
  • After receiving the data the CM specialists get notification and start data analyses.
  • After completing the data on the next day the user receives notification malil and can check the reports. 

What does the user have to order to get CBM information?

The model is very simple and transparent without any hidden cost.
The implementation cost (CAPEX) includes the following components:
  • CM Points (studs with UID) RQ-CS-x where x is B – blue, P -purple, O – orange. The number RQ-CS-x is determines based on the models
  • Building fee per machine
  • Installation of CM points
  • SES Logger

The data storage, access and information (OPEX) is based on yearly fees and fees per analysis. The data storage and access includes:
  • Site yearly fee.
  • User role yearly fee. (Unlimited number of Sites)

The information (reports) fees are based on completed data analyses. The feesa re defined from the CM models complexity and are split in four price categories:
  • Short
  • Average
  • Long
  • Extra

Data Collection

The reliable data is a crucial part of the data analysis process. 
Relaineering AB has developed a Simple, Easy and Smart (SES) logger that everyone can use for data collection.

The data collection process is quick and easy.
  • Go to the machine
  • Attach the sensor to the CM point
  • Scan the CM Point UID (unique identifier) with the SES logger
  • Press the button, and you are done!

ReSES Communicator app will automatically transfer all data to the cloud.

The platform eliminates the traditional “routes” and the need to look on the device screen and scroll through long hierarchy trees.
The platform recognizes data sources and you no longer have to worry about the order of machine’s CM Points data collection.
The users are automatically notified by email about the machines due or overdue in the coming week.

IMPORTANT: The user does not need an Internet connection to collect data or receive any “routes with settings”. Once the data are collected, the user must connect to the Internet to send data to the cloud.

Data Analyses

The platform processes data collected with SES logger and combines in a smart way in groups.
The CM Specialist see at glance the number of collected CM points from the data set for analysis.
The following tools support the art of transforming Data to Information:
  • Multi-parametric table and trend overview with traditional and ML alarms
  • Spectra: Velocity, Acceleration with sE (smart Enveloping) with machine components frequencies
  • Time waveform signal with options to play and listen to it
  • rE Graph – a single colour-map plot that provides a detailed picture of low-frequency modulations in the acceleration signal at a glance
  • sH Graph – an intelligent graph to compare spectra and time signals
  • Quick access to all findings for any particular machine
  • Easy way to compare machines using browser multi tabs
  • Simple documentation of findings and recommendations