Improving Productivity of the Industry Critical Assets with Advanced Technologies and Solutions





    “Time Based”

    “Operator Involvement & RCA”

    “Run to failure”

    “Condition Based”


    Run to failure

    - Allow machinery to run to failure
    - Traditionally the exclusive maintenance mode until fairly recently
    - Continues to be the predominate method of maintenance

    Many major industrial companies still operate in this mode
    Repair or corrective action is taken after the fault has occurred


    - Low direct costs
    - Less staff required
    - Appropriate for certain applications


    - High costs due to unplanned downtime of equipment
    - Increased labor costs, especially if overtime is needed
    - Costs involved with repair or replacement of equipment
    - Possible secondary equipment or process damage from equipment failure
    - Inefficient use of staff resources
    - Does not support the true definition of maintenance


    Time Based

    - Actions that detect, prevent, or mitigate degradation of a component or system
    - Aims to sustain or extend useful life by controlling degradation to an acceptable level.
    - Actions performed periodically prior to functional failures to achieve desired safety or reliability levels.


    - Cost effective in many capital intensive or potentially high impact processes.
    - Flexibility allows for the adjustment of maintenance periodicity.
    - Increased component life-cycle.
    - Energy savings.
    - Reduced equipment or process failures.


    - Catastrophic failures still likely to occur.
    - Labor intensive.
    - Performance of unneeded maintenance.
    - Incidental damage to components through poor maintenance practices.


    “Condition Based”

    - Вклучува употреба на специјализирана опрема за следење на состојбата на машините
    - Овозможува проценка дали опремата ќе јави проблеми во одреден период
    - Овозможува планирање на активностите за одржување
    - Укажува на најдоброто време за извршување на поправките

    Резултатите укажуваат на сегашната и идната функционална способност


    - Increased component operational life/availability.
    - Allows for pre-emptive corrective actions.
    - Reduced equipment or process downtime.
    - Decreased costs for parts and labor.
    - Better product quality.
    - Improved worker and environmental safety.
    - Energy savings.


    - Increased investment in diagnostic equipment
    - Increased investment in training of staff
    - Savings potentials not readily seen by management


    Operator involvement & RCA

    - Operators make preventive maintenance of the machines they work on.
    - Trained maintenance personnel train operators.
    - The maintenance team moves from the "fire department" to the prevention and reengineering regime.
    - Return the equipment to good condition through maintenance by identifying design weaknesses and improving it.
    - Preventive communication (manufacturer/user).
    - Predictable (data analysis and periodic diagnostic tests).

  • Increasing Reliability - The Number #1 Goal

    “Cost reduction does not improve reliability.
    Improved reliability results in lower costs.”

    -- Christer Idhammar, CEO Idcon.Inc.

Manufacturing fascilities are facing pressure for increasing productivity and profitability and that seem to be in conflict with the reality of reducing operating budgets, increased energy costs and increased operating costs.

That's why CA2M's business model goes beyond simply selling equipment, it is a package of technology, service and knowledge with the sole purpose of reducing the cost of equipment life, inventory, energy and environmental costs.

Process Excellence

Lean 6-Sigma Management
CA2M offers comprehensive approach with methodology, tools and technologies for relevant data flow as part of the decision-making process; at the level of equipment, working unit or generally, of the entire production fascility. CA2M can help customers get a more complete overview of all operating parameters:

Knowledge Excellence

Maintenance Strategies

Whether the production plant is seeking to achieve industry-standard level of efficiency or should raise world-class performance, CA2M can help define the metrics and implement the necessary steps to achieve specific goals:

  • Vibration Condition Monitoring

  • Maintenance Products and Solutions

Technology Excellence

Life Cycle Cost
Typically, 80 to 90% of the total life cycle cost (LCC) of an industrial equipment is accumulated after the equipment is purchased and installed.
CA2M has developed a comprehensive suite of solutions aimed at providing customers with unprecedented value and cost savings throughout the life span of the industrial equipment:
  • Total Cost of Ownership