Filling and Flushing Stations

For applications on site or in heating systems. Also suitable for cooling lubricants in CNC machining centers and heat transfer fluids in heat exchangers.

Pumps for Biogas Plants

No matter what area of your biogas plant. We have the right and professional pump solutions for you. From the water supply to the filling of the cooling circuit.

Flat Suction System

Simple and effective. Flooded areas are due to the flat suction mat almost complete dry! We have a suitable solution for the most varied demands.

AdBlue Fueling systems

AdBlue neutralizes climate-damaging nitrogen oxides that diesel engines emit by up to 90%. Zuwa´s fueling systems offer perfect solutions for your requirements.

Drill Powered Pumps

Small, lightweight and portable - always usable. This is our drill powered pump. Make your standard drill or cordless screwdriver to a mobile pump.

Vole Fighter

No more annoying voles. Fight back voles Environmentally-friendly, simple and safe with the proven vole fighter.