Applications in maintenance technology:

  • Heat exchanger cleaning
  • Vessel cleaning with semiautomatic equipment to 
    1500 bar
  • Removing waste product build up from pipelines
  • Removal of extremely hard scaling from various production tanks and vessels
  • Surface preparation on industrial structures
  • Filter cleaning
  • Cold cutting of pipes and vessels

Applications in production technology:

Continuous process integrated cleaning of rollers

Manufacturing process technology

Application examples:

  • Flat de-burring and engine block washing
  • De-burring bores (root burrs)
  • Over spray removal from paint booth grids
  • Casting core removal from engine blocks, cylinder heads, gearbox housings and suction manifolds
  • Cutting bodywork, seals, linings
  • Reprocessing engine blocks, bodywork panels
  • Reclaiming QC failed headlight reflectors
  • Welded seam clean up
Application examples:
  • Concrete removal e.g. reinforcing bar exposure
  • Cleaning natural stone walling
  • Expansion joint removal
  • Floor cleaning
  • Laitence removal
  • Removal of all types of coatings from walls and floors, e.g. paints, bitumen, plastics, growths, corrosion
  • Roughening and preparing concrete and stone surfaces
  • Selective removal of surfacing e.g. spalled concrete, plaster, rendering, asphalt
  • Cutting doorways, access ways in tunnels and concrete structures
  • Cold cutting metal structures
  • Cleaning scaffolding, shuttering machinery etc.
  • Cleaning production and transport equipment used in construction materials manufacture
  • Renovation and contamination removal
  • Sewer cleaning
  • Cleaning concrete moulds, pipes, mixers, ready mix delivery trucks

Application examples in maintenance technology:

  • Cleaning filter units, filter presses, filter sieves
  • Cleaning machinery, gearboxes, pit pipes, plate filters, cylindrical sieves, conveyor and transport equipment

Applications in production technology:

  • Water jet assisted coal extraction
  • Hydraulic face support

Application examples in maintenance technology:

  • Internal cleaning of autoclaves, reactors, pressure vessels, agitator tanks, oil storage tanks, distillation towers
  • Cleaning filtration units, condensate drums , boilers, evaporators, bubble trays, air filters, mixers, dryers, barrels
  • Cleaning heat exchangers and process cooler
  • Decontamination and disinfection
  • Cleaning pipe lines, drains
  • Cleaning spraying columns, prill towers etc.
  • Pressure testing vessels, pipe lines and valves
  • Cleaning production and transport equipment, machining centres, workshops, parking areas
  • Water abrasive cutting in hazardous zones

Application examples in process technology:

  • Reactor and boiler feed pumps for a variety of mediums

Application examples in maintenance technology:

  • De-coring casting moulds
  • Cleaning pipe work, sewers, filters, sieves vessels etc.
  • Cleaning/preparing structural profiles and various 
    metal surfaces
  • Cleaning anodes, electrolysis baths, furnaces
  • Cleaning blast furnaces
  • Cleaning heat exchangers
  • Cleaning slag channels
  • Renovating channels in blast furnaces
  • Coke oven door cleaning

Application examples in production technology:

  • Primary and secondary de-scaling stations
  • High pressure units for charging accumulators
  • Power packs for hydraulic forging presses

Application examples:

  • Cleaning and degreasing micro chip terminals as part of the production process
  • Cleaning sheet silicon prior to reprocessing
  • Cutting out electronic components for recycling

Application examples, cleaning and other tasks:

  • Internal and external cleaning of cooling towers
  • Cleaning drains, pipe lines, ash water lines, exhaust gas pipes
  • Cleaning heat exchangers, condensers, coolers
  • Cleaning coal bunkers, settling and sediment basins, oil tanks, smoke stacks
  • Cleaning boilers and boiler tubes
  • Cleaning and stripping flue gas lines, flue gas washers, flue gas de-sulphurizing plant
  • Cleaning machine shops, workshops, production and transportation equipment
  • Cleaning air and water filter units, conveyors, conveyor belts
  • Decontamination of tanks, pipes and machinery
  • Coating removal from concrete and metal structures
  • Decommissioning
  •  Reactor cleaning

Application examples for process pumps:

  • Boiler feed pumps for small  power plants and garbage incinerator plants

Application examples:

  • Cleaning / de-coring casting moulds, cast components, fine castings
  • De-coring cast aluminium parts such as motor blocks, cylinder heads, exhaust manifolds, rear axle sections
  • De-burring machined castings

Application examples:

  • Cleaning drain and sewer networks
  • Cleaning and renovation of water mains, water
    towers, inspection chambers, reservoirs etc.
  • Cleaning plant, machinery and vehicles
  • General maintenance on highways, bridges, 
    pedestrian zones, car parks, aqueducts, 
    sewage works, buildings etc.
  • Maintenance of navigation aids
  • Cleaning and maintenance of airport runways 
    and aprons
  • Graffiti removal from buildings, bridges, 
    underpasses etc.
  • Rail track cleaning with direct vacuuming
  • Cleaning running tracks and other synthetic 
    sports surfaces
  • Garbage handling
  • Pipe cleaning

Application examples:

  • Concrete removal, i.e. exposing reinforcing bars
  • Cleaning natural stone walling
  • Removing expansion joint material
  • Laitance removal
  • Removal of damaged or corroded coatings from walls and floors, i.e. paint, bitumen, plastic, lichen, rust
  • Roughening concrete and stone surfaces
  • Removal of damaged rendering
  • Clean up of scaffolding and boards etc.
  • Facade cleaning

Application examples, cleaning:

  • Cleaning machines, production equipment, workshops, floors
  • Cleaning filters and pipe lines

Application examples, machining:

  • Coolant feed
  • Swarf and chip removal assistance

Application examples, cleaning:

  • Cleaning baking trays
  • Cleaning machinery
  • Cleaning tanks
  • Cleaning pipes and heat exchangers
  • Cleaning conveyors and floors
  • Cleaning spray towers
  • Cleaning distribution rollers, beet processing lines,
    feed lines
  • Cleaning mineral water wells
  • Cleaning malt strainer vats, filters, copper kettles, mash tuns and pitching tubs, coolers, filling machines, bottle washers and transportation equipment
  • De-scaling beer barrels
  • Cleaning ponds, boilers
  • Removal of paint makings and adhesive labels

Application examples, food processing:

  • CO2 extraction from plants, i.e. aroma from spices, Lecitin from soja beans
  • Cutting frozen foods
  • Cutting fish, pastries etc.

Application examples:

  • Cleaning (during operation) of felts, sieves, belts, suction rollers, cylindrical sieves, fluted rollers and the like for the manufacture of paper, cardboard, fibreboard, insulation sheeting and cellulose etc. 
  • Cutting products, i.e. cardboard, paper, corrugated
    paper, felt
  • Cleaning pipes, tanks, heat exchangers, flooring, parking areas, machinery rooms
  • Rust and dirt removal from machinery, structural steel and other metal surfaces

Application examples, cleaning:

  • Cleaning spindles
  • Cleaning machinery and production areas
  • Cleaning rollers and presses

Application examples, production process:

  • Manufacture of non woven fabrics
  • CO² pressure dyeing

Application examples, cleaning:

  • Cleaning wheeled and tracked vehicles such as low loaders, excavators, bulldozers and cranes
  • Internal and external cleaning of bulk transport wagons
  • Cleaning ship holds and bunkers

Application examples, fluid handling:

  • Pumping crude oils, liquid gases and chemicals through pipe lines etc.